Just few words about me...

I was born in Milan in the 1959, but I moved to Rome with my parents when I was 7 year old.

I am an engineer: I spent 10 years working in the field of military radars, then (thanks to the end of the cold war :-(  I moved to the space industry, where I still work on radars (but looking downstairs, now ;-)

If you are interested in radars on in RF, don't forget to visit the radar corner, where I managed to put something I hope you can find useful. And remember the newsgroup sci.engr.radar+sonar.

I am not married (please don't ask why ;-) and in my spare time I enjoy reading and computing.  And, of course, the Internet (no, I am not a big web-surfer: I prefer to meet real people on the net, both on usenet and in the BBS of my provider, mc-link).

Bye! And thanks for your visit!

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